Pharmacy Services

The Westlake Pharmacy is the ultimate in convenience and a time and cost-saving solution for filling prescriptions or purchasing discounted over-the-counter medicines. Prescriptions can be dropped off and picked up while at work, or your wellness center physician can e-prescribe directly to the pharmacy for pickup as you walk out the door.

Services include:

  • Generic equivalent program
  • Medication management
  • 90-day fills
  • Workers' compensation prescriptions
  • Consultations
  • Discounted over-the-counter medicines

Refilling is easy too – from a computer, by phone or in person. The pharmacy offers money-saving services, such as generic equivalents, 90-day supplies, as well as consultations and information from professional pharmacists who can help you understand and make wise choices about medications and drug therapies. Working closely with your medical provider, they’ll help you manage your healthcare needs and achieve the best possible outcome.

Refill a Prescription

The Westlake Pharmacy allows you to drop off your written prescriptions or have your provider e-prescribe them directly to the pharmacy. And refilling your medication is just as easy. 

Online prescription refills are conveniently available for patients who have previously filled a prescription at our pharmacy.

  • To refill a prescription online, log into your account or create a new one at Walgreens.com.
  • Select “Refill Prescriptions.”
  • From the navigation menu, select "More" then click "Refill with Rx Number.”
  • Enter the Rx number then select “Continue.”
  • If you are already logged in, click here to go directly to the refill page to get started.

You can also refill a prescription by doing the following:

  • Auto refill and receive text message when ready (must opt-in).
  • Call the pharmacy automated phone line.
  • Call the primary care automated phone line for prescriptions.
  • Request refills in person.

If you are seeing one of our providers here, using our pharmacy makes for a convenient one stop shop. Have your medical care appointments, and get your medication filled in the same building.

Script Your Care – Medication Sync

Your pharmacy visits just became simple. Learn how our streamlined process takes all your prescriptions and consolidates them all into one, consistent refill. Ask the pharmacist today and check out this quick video.